When Spiti Happened….. 1

One hot day in May ’15 i had a random thought.. Why not celebrate my birthday in Pangong Tso, with complete strangers for company and not one known soul…….

A wise man once said, “life is what happens when we are busy planning something else”! True, if you d ask me..!

The Milky Way spreading across the colour changing lake, I d imagined giving out chocolate bars to fellow travelers I might meet at the lake. Quite a picture, i must say, until ‘life’ took its course and the plan bombed out even before it set off! 2015 had to see some late monsoons, the army needed more time to clear up the roads, and I had to be too particular on taking the road to Ladakh and not fly! The roads, not happening until early July, much after my birthday!!! Such a party pooper!!!!

Four months later, I was at Chandigarh, the image of the Milky Way streaming across the dark, cloudless sky at the Chandrataal campsite fresh in memory! Maybe, it is true that life is what happens when we are busy planning something else! C’est la vie…!

Milky Way at Chandrataal campsite… P.C. Shreyasi Pathak

……. to be continued!!!


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  1. Aishwarya says:

    Well… We plan a lot… But much of it ends up occupying a small part of our brain and nothing more 😀 but as long as you enjoy what comes your way, there’s nothing to be disappointed about 🙂


    1. true…!!!! sometimes it might just be better!!!
      i read a post on fb, “what dint happen may probably be the best thing yet to have happened to you.. just that it ll take u time to realise that!”

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      1. Aishwarya says:

        Yeah I think I agree with the post 🙂

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      2. 🙂 good to know there are many out there with similar train of thoughts!!! 🙂


  2. You’ve got a really good shot of the night sky
    I had been to chandertaal back in 2013 but didn’t camp there at night.
    I’ve published blogs on my hike to the Dhankar Lake. Might interest you

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    1. thanks for taking the time to comment, and for the compliments!
      The credit for the night sky goes to a friend, Shreyasi.. I d borrowed her click for this post! And, Dhankar, sure, i would love to ! 🙂


  3. i had visited chandertaal back in 2013 but couldnt camp there at night
    You’ve got an amazing shot of the night sky

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  4. Wow you’ve got an amazing shot

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