the void….

Life went on.. Saturdays and mondays interchanged innumerable times, and each time they were different. There was however one that was a constant. A feeling of void. Of an absence. Absence of what, there wasnt a clue. But something was amiss. The days dint seem any different, although time seemed to roll by at a break-neck speed, not stopping for any one…

The void, was all encompassing. An unknown source, but the impact was well felt. The purpose that was the spec of light was nowhere to be seen. Days in a blur, monotony became the second nature. World moved by in a dizzy rhythm, once so familiar. Looking at it from the outside, one cant help wonder about the futility of it all. Everyone moving about as if they serve a bigger purpose, as if they are the most vital cog. Such illusion…

The only reality, the void….


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