The mute testimony….

The barren branch stands in mute testimony to the eternal longing of the distant rocks… the rocks, despite the yearning to melt away into the amber horizon stand rooted to their spot, their silent walls drowned by the boisterous crashing of the Atlantic….

Glimpses of the Arctic North.. Bergen

Getting almost-lost at 10pm, in a cold foreign land, with near-empty streets are worth the effort when the first day there ends with a view as beautiful as this one… While the Ulriken is supposedly, taller, colder and more adventurous, the Fløyen was just the perfect start in Bergen for us. A bit sedate, barely…


Time they say, changes anything… Here stand some colourful buildings seemingly distant from reality, gazing lazily into the bay beyond… They however, stand testimony to Time, and what it can do in shaping the place, the people and everything around it… #bryggen


As much as we like to believe we are, and have always been important, there exists a world, around every one of us that functions without us…. Better still, it doesn’t know we exist. Maybe it’s time we thought less about us and more around us…..