Comfort zone….

One ordinary evening, he found that the usually comforting solitude seemed utterly alien…. The soothing warmth of the blissful silence was missing. In its place was a hollow that echoed with a vacant ring… For the first time in several years, he was out of his comfort zone. Advertisements


As the blade scythed through the sheet of air, someone unknown, looked up from the coast of the black sea wondering if they could get on that bird, escape into an unknown land that would promise so much for the morrow… escape from the chocolate brown hills that they ve been seeing forever, so much…


Time they say, changes anything… Here stand some colourful buildings seemingly distant from reality, gazing lazily into the bay beyond… They however, stand testimony to Time, and what it can do in shaping the place, the people and everything around it… #bryggen

a double edged sword

Coming home after trying day at work, he hesitated to open the door to his bedroom… After a mental deliberation, he opened the door; to find the very comfortable bed waiting for him… Inviting as it was, he just wanted to dive into outta cosy bosom and drift away into a peaceful void they all…

the intangible…….

The term varies from one another… Some call it quest, some destiny, some fate, and slme, funny as it is, my birth right. Hey, The idea of running after something completely intangible is a disease that’s plagued mankind through eons. We have been running the hamster wheel for as long as we have known time….


As much as we like to believe we are, and have always been important, there exists a world, around every one of us that functions without us…. Better still, it doesn’t know we exist. Maybe it’s time we thought less about us and more around us…..


A seemingly bottomless chasm, the first meaning Google would throw up for the word abyss. They say, when you are down, u get back up and confront the issue. But how does one kick back up, where there’s no bottom……?

the third type..

They say, everyone who walks into your life has a purpose, some a blessing while others a lesson. What they don’t say, is the third type. They walk in unsuspected, stay a fairly short time. But when they decide to move along you can’t help but feel a trifle bit empty. The level of comfort…

the ruins…..

They said it was ruins… They also said it was once a magnificent city.. They however, did not see life it contained within…….  

the protagonist…..

Life is to be enjoyed, relished. Worry was but utterly useless. All that mattered was the moment. All that had to be taken care of was already in the moment. Life should be lived like an eagle effortlessly riding a thermal wind. A sudden shrill noise broke the trance. Work beckoned. Lingering on the frozen…

the crests…….

Always scared of the water, surfers were an eternal source of intrigue… The nonchalance and the elan with which they rode the crests and troughs of those mammoth waves. A week later… Maybe those crests were easier….?

the wait…..

It just did not make sense.. Time seemed to drag on.. Looking forward to something was a way of life he was used to. This however, seemed different. He was visibly normal. But underneath there was a very turbulent current that unsettled him, constantly. Edgy, he was looking forward to the end of the week….